Drollerey - Bang

Drollerey - Bang

A couple woke up to banging on their door.
After getting his gun from the drawer, just in case, the man went and opened the door to find his neighbors there. "DON'T USE THE WATER, IT'S POISONED!", they said. He assured them that he and his wife won't drink water and the neighbors left.
He went back to his bedroom and his wife asked him, "What happened, sweetheart?", she said. He replied "Nothing, honey! Just go drink water and let's go back to sleep."

A man was walking home one night, when he suddenly heard a loud banging noise.
It was extremely scary, as it was night and almost everyone was asleep. As he turned around, he saw an upright casket, making its way towards, with a loud bash with every jump.
Alarmed, the man began to run, faster and faster, but so did the casket as it bounced its way towards him.
The man found his way to his house and locked his door, but the casket managed to break its way in.
Terrified, the man continued upstairs, where he locked himself in. Looking around for anything that could help him, anything at all, he grabbed a bottle of cough drops.
He listened as the casket made its way up the stairs. Clappity-bump. Clappity-bump. Clappity-bump.
Once again, it broke its way through the door. As a last hope, the man threw the bottle at the casket and...
The coffin stops.

What's Up, Hot Dog?     "What's up, hot dog?" was the catchphrase Scott used to open the show beginning in 2010. It comes from a story Aukerman told on 'Never Not Funny' in which he witnessed a man awkwardly trying to initiate conversation with the cashier of a convience store by telling him "What's up, hot dog?" repeatedly, while holding a hot-dog. In 103: These Times They Are A-Changin', Scott announced his intentions to retire the catchphrase and pay homage to it by renaming the Plugs Section the 'What's Up, Hot Dog?' Memorial Plugs Section. Scott has since gifted the catchphrase to Weird Al Yankovic.
B-b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s-s!     Starting on Best of 2011 Pt. 1, Scott and Paul have introduced bonus clips by alternatively repeating b or s, respectively.
Heynong Man!     This originally came from Jason "Heynong" Mantzoukas saying "hang on, man," and there have been several variations such as "shame nong you." Jason hates all of the variations.
How the bread is made     This expression refers to behind-the-scenes details of the show, and originated when Scott was trying to say "how the sausage is made."
'Sclusie     When a celebrity guest drops unique information, or premiers a new story on the podcast, Scott will often refer to it as a 'sclusie, a Hollywood shortening of the word "exclusive."
Maybe it's just me, but for me...     Scott often points out that his opinions may not be your opinions or the opinions of anyone else.
Thank you, Reggie Watts     On earlier episodes of the show, Scott would thank Reggie for his performance of the theme song, explaining that he traveled to the studio solely to perform the song and would leave immediately afterward.
This is not that kind of show.

Drollerey - Bang: A couple woke up to banging on their door. A man was walking home one night, when he suddenly heard a loud banging noise.