Joss - Asexual

Joss - Asexual

How many Asexuals does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Quite a few actually, one to change it, and the rest to put labels on the ones that didn't fit!
I also quite like this answer:
    It doesn't matter how many you have, they aren't interested in screwing anything!
I don't get the first one. What do they mean by labels?
I also don't get this one: Why do some Asexuals enjoy hanging around super-markets? Because they like being surrounded by labels!

So yeah, asexuals can laugh at sex jokes sometimes.

Some people mentioned that they didn’t like jokes that infantilized asexuals.  Others mentioned they didn’t like jokes based on the stereotype that asexuals don’t understand sex.

It was mentioned that asexual jokes can be important, because it can be a good way to spread visibility.  Non-ace people might not care about educational information about asexuality, so they’ll ignore it.  But they might laugh at a joke and share it with others.  The next day, this idea proved itself, when one of the parade marcher’s “Asexuals Don’t Give A Fuck” signs made the rounds of social media, with many non-aces sharing the image.

First, let’s talk about sex-repulsion (the one I know best—I myself am sex-repulsed). Sex repulsion can occur in any sexuality, just like any other part of the repulsion spectrum. Most of the time, this equates to sex=gross. BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE PERSON IS ANY DIFFERENT OTHERWISE. THEY ARE NOT A CHILD, CHILDLIKE, OR INNOCENT BECAUSE THEY ARE SEX-REPULSED. If someone is on this part of the spectrum you shouldn’t make a sexual joke around them.