Fun Abuse

Fun Abuse

“Is that what you’re going to wear to the wedding?” said Sarah to her husband Jack.

Jack looked down at his suit, now embarrassed. He was already stressed about going to the wedding with the group who’d be there. Social events like this made him anxious. Sarah knew that. “Is there something wrong with my outfit?”

It does not matter how light or mild a “joke” seems to the abuser. If the recipient of the joke does not like it or seems uncomfortable with it, it should not be made.

why does my dad hate me ? really please tell me im tired of the constant abuse and pain.

My wife wanted to make a joke about domestic abuse but I beat her to it

When he finally arrived h...

But the boy quietly quivered 'Please don't'
'Why not?' The judge asked.
'Because he beats me too.'

I said, "It wasn't a compliment. Lose some fucking weight."
What do you get when you combine flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, and animal abuse?
PETA bread.

Apple is making a new drug abuse detector

R Kelly has been charged with sexual abuse
I guess there was something wrong with that bump and grind.
Cardinal George Pell has just been convicted of child abuse -
Just goes to show that abstinence makes the church grow fondlers.

New study shows procrastination is as harmful to mental health as alcohol abuse
To combat this, I've decided to form Procrastinators anonymous, please consider joining it!

This excuse is a form of denial.

Verbal abuse isn’t funny.
Types of Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse Disguised as a Joke

When my husband says things like this, he’s really telling me that he loves putting me down because it makes him feel good. He can say whatever he wants because he is “just being funny” when he says it, but I look like I don’t know how to take a joke. He is in control. Everyone laughs, don’t they? He couldn’t really mean it, could he?

He makes comments about you in front of friends that mock or belittle you. He conceals his acrimony with a smug grin and laughter. His public ridicule is unexpected, it throws you off balance and it embarrasses and humiliates you. Your friends may laugh at his wisecracks but your heart felt the jab and your brain struggles to interpret the true meaning of his put-down. If you show shock or displeasure he may patronize you with a hug and tell you he was only “kidding.” He maintains his good guy facade and your friends wonder why you are overly emotional about a mindless joke.

Fun Abuse: R Kelly has been charged with sexual abuse. What do you get when you combine flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, and animal abuse? Types of Verbal Abuse.