Trick Abuse

Trick Abuse

“Are you telling me it’s not appropriate? Should I wear something different?” he said feeling paranoid. “No, it’s fine.” she responded. “Sarah, we’ve talked about this before, and you know it bothers me. You always make comments like this right before we go out. I’m already uncomfortable about going and now I get to spend the whole night feeling self-conscious. Stop stressing me out.”

Whats a boxers favorite drink? A punch??

This is a way of letting you know that what you have done or expressed is insignificant and of little value.

Abuse disguised as a joke happens when abusers make comments about you that they want other people to believe are funny, but you know they are threats and put-downs in disguise. They’re sick personal jokes between the two of you. Only you know the real story behind his “humor” so friends may wonder why you cry or become so upset when he teases and jokes.

No! Hell No! Verbal Abuse Disguised as Jokes
He claims he's only kidding.

Top definition to abuse a joke
To repeat the same joke until it is not funny anymore. Usually caused by people who are not that original.
Person A: Heheheh women belong to kitchen.
Person B: Bruh, you said this joke 100 times today. Stop abusing the joke
Person A procceded to abuse a joke about women not being funny.

Verbal abuse can begin as small digs disguised as jokes.

When Verbal Abuse Is Disguised as a Joke

It's important to remember that a verbally abusive partner behaves this way so he can assert his control and influence over you. If you realized how great you were and how much better you deserved, you might not be willing to put up with his "jokes."

“Geez, can’t you tell it was just a joke? Lighten up, Dapper Dan!” Sarah says, obviously annoyed at him for speaking up, but still laughing at her “joke.” She slaps him on the shoulder. “Stop being so sensitive. Don’t blame me when you’re the one who can’t take a joke! Come on – it’s time to go. We’ll see if our friends are impressed by your outfit.”

How do you cure someone from steroid abuse?
You give them the anti-dope

My dad used to abuse my mom (long)
As a little kid, I remember countless nights of being awake at night scared by all the yelling and screaming downstairs. A few times my mom would be bruised on her arms. I'd ask her about it and she wouldn't say anything.

Trick Abuse: Verbal abuse can begin as small digs disguised as jokes. How do you cure someone from steroid abuse? Top definition to abuse a joke.


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