Anecdote - Aphrodisiac

Anecdote - Aphrodisiac

I think I've discovered a new aphrodisiac. And it's actually free! It's called loneliness.

So this guy who works in an aquarium
Get summoned by his boss
Who is looking very worried.

A symbol of romance and fertility in Greek mythology, the pomegranate surprisingly acts as an aphrodisiac too. It has yet to be proven by science, but one study states that this fruit can lower cortisol levels in men, which in turn will raise his testosterone levels higher.
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If your in-laws gave you a box of ants as a wedding gift, you’d probably never speak to them again. In South American countries such as Colombia, though, this is a common practice. Leafcutter ants are considered an aphrodisiac in that region and are often sold on the street as roasted, on-the-go delicacies.

"For the State, taking as usual the law into its own hands, and duly indifferent to the sufferings of thousands of men, and tens of thousands of women, all over the country, has seen fit to place an embargo on this admirable article, from which joy could stream, at a moderate cost, into homes, and other places of rendezvous, now desolate."

Ultimately, Hourigan says the attraction of both the food and the eaters might be enhanced simply by altering the environment – serving in soft, low light, for example.