Game Abuse

Game Abuse

Going back to our original scenario between Sarah and Jack, for a man who liked to joke about his clothes and had never said that comments about it bothered him, Sarah’s comment might have seemed funny or even endearing to him. In that case, it would not have been abusive. It was abusive because Sarah knew he was already anxious about attending the event and that her comments regarding his clothing always made him feel worse. Jack had already expressed to her that he didn’t like those kinds of jokes. He also revealed that her off-hand comments about his clothes often ruined his ability to enjoy whatever event he had dressed up for, which is a typical result of abusive joking: long-term shame.

The parents began to yell e...

I'm no drug addict but they still took me to the substance abuse department
All I said to my friend doctor was
"I'm a dick, Ted"
"I can't ever see you again. I won't let you hurt me like this again. Abuse is never OK."
**Trainer:** It was one sit up. You did one sit up.

Stop alright! It's not No Nut November!
It's always Jack-off January, Fap February, Masturbate March, Abuse-yo-cock April, Maniacally beat-yo-meat May, Jizzy June, Jerk July, Abolish-yo-junk August, Seep-yo-seed September, Orgasmic October, Nut November, Destroy Dick December.

The 16yo says, "I got it from that old lady over there, she gave me it for $1.

I was reading an article on how men could be the victims of domestic abuse
I was starting to believe this crap, but thankfully, my wife came in and slapped me back to my senses. That's the last time I'm reading men's rights propaganda.
Three men found a genie lamp that grants the opposite of what is wished
The first man wishes that he would win the lottery. He buys his first ticket, and loses, buys his second ticket, and loses. Every week the man dumped his savings into lottery tickets, until he was completely broke.

Morgan Freeman has been accused of sexual abuse.
He can’t play God anymore. Just a priest.
What happens if a pirate abuses his parrots?
The Yarrr-SPCA come and take them away.

A sad example of the witch hunt caused by the flood of sexual abuse allegations
A good friend of mine, after 7 yrs of medical training has been fired for one minor indiscretion.

After you say these things, walk away. If you can’t think of anything to say, then just walk away. Do not engage him, do not respond to further remarks unless it’s to say, “I will talk to you about it later.” Go do something enjoyable.

Game Abuse: Morgan Freeman has been accused of sexual abuse. A sad example of the witch hunt caused by the flood of sexual abuse allegations.