Farce - Asexual

Farce - Asexual

I only know this one liner I got from a friend:
"I wish my homework was asexual so it would do itself" --but that's not really asexuality is it? I still find it hilarious though...

    Whenever I hear that one I like to respond, "If your homework was asexual it would multiply."
Yeah, wouldn't that be a more apt description for autosexual than asexual?

Humor also can be used as a signal of approachability.  As in, “I’m comfortable enough to laugh about this, so you should be comfortable to talk to me about it.”

In general I think it has more to do with a person’s individual personality, how they were raised, or what type of social environment they’re used to. In my experience, most asexual people don’t want to be sheltered from sexual topics just because they’re asexual.