Dirty Christmas Jokes: Naughty Christmas Puns For Adults (VIDEO)

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Naughty List or Nice List? Who cares! We’re all adults now and ready to cut loose and have a little fun for the remainder of the year. We want to read literotica, send those scandalous sexts, use those Christmas pick up lines, and instigate some dirty truth or dare fun with our baes and friends. First, though, we want to tell some truly bad and extra dirty jokes about Christmas.

There’s something so magical and wonderful about Christmas time. Everyone is in the best of moods and on their best behavior. If you’re a grown-up, though, you know there’s really no reason to be nice. That’s right: Why not be a little naughty? You can get your “bad (ass) mom” status in so many ways. Maybe you’re spiking your hot chocolate or flirting with bae under the mistletoe at the family Christmas dinner. You might also experiment with naughtiness by asking for one (or more) battery-operated toys of your own for Christmas. Girl, Santa isn’t real — get down with your bad self!

Santa jokes for adults

Q: What do you call a kid who doesn't believe in Santa?
A: A rebel without a Claus.

Ahhhh, Christmas. The time for gift giving, cocoa drinking, chestnut roasting, and... dishing out dirty Christmas-themed pickup lines. Yup, with Santa's "ho, ho, ho" mantra and the naughty and nice list, this holiday is literally perfect for your dirty mind.

Tis the season for hilarious Christmas puns and merry sexual innuendos, people.

Before we do, though, suffice it to say that some of what you’re about to read may turn your cheeks redder than Rudolph’s nose. Blush away! When it’s cold outside, no one knows the difference between a face flush from feelings and a face flush from the frigid air. It’s really the best time of year to indulge in a little naughty fun if you think about it that way.

You can also be bold in your badness when looking for lovin’. You can have a solid partner or are hitting the ugly Christmas sweater parties single and ready to mingle. However you’re flying these days, all of these naughty Christmas pick-up lines are perfect for getting a little “North Pole” action. *wink*

Q: Why is Santa so jolly?
A: Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.

With the smell of cookies in the air, warm feelings all around, and mistletoe hidden at every corner, there's no wonder you're all in your feels. Whether you're interested in finding a virtual jingle babe to send these to or have a S.O. lucky enough to go into cuffing season with, we’ve got you covered.



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